Why blog?

Okay, I asked myself, what in the world IS a “blog” exactly?

Explained: a blend of “web log.” (or someone didn’t space the two words right?  We blog?) 

I know about keeping a personal diary/log, but in my memory, diaries are hidden under lock and key and woe to he that sneaks in and reads another’s private thoughts. The better question here is why should I “blog” and just who would even want to read it? I guess I’ll find out.

My interests? History, genealogy, family, laughing. Well….isn’t laughing something everybody wants? I’ll try. Maybe I’ll surprise myself.

Into the fray.

From quiet homes and first beginning
Out to the undiscovered ends,
There’s nothing worth the wear of winning
As laughter and the love of friends.
-Hilaire Belloc

“whitherward” – adv. to what place or in what direction (archaic)
“wag” – a person who is a member of a cause and professes that cause;  also a wit (or in my case, a nitwit?);  also a shorting of the archaic word halterwag – someone likely to be hanged.

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