Animal Welfare as Punishment

It is on this blog that I can tell my stories about life in animal rescue.

I guess “dog eat dog” might be an inappropriate title for my 18 years in animal rescue and my experiences with the animal welfare world, but it seems exactly right in some regards.

Many of my posts will reflect my experiences in animal welfare. Perhaps it would be useful for any reader to know that I worked as the unpaid director of a humane society/animal control facility in a small Texas community for 17 years, where we were the only shelter in three counties. I also served for 12 years as the secretary of the Texas Humane Legislation Network as well as being a board member of the Texas Federation of Humane Societies. As a part of my work, I believed it was important to learn as much as possible. So, along my journey, I earned certifications in Basic, Advanced and Administrative Animal Control through the Texas Department of Health state programs, certification as a Local Rabies Control Authority and an ACCI cruelty investigator. I also served for many years as the vice-chairman of the city Zoning Board of Adjustments. I mention these things as background so that a reader might know why I write about the subjects I write about.

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